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Deep Roots. New Beginnings.

Amigo is my mother's maiden surname. Born in the Philippines, she shared a one-bedroom apartment with her ten brothers and sisters. “Papang” (my grandfather), John Amigo, owned and operated a small electrical contracting business, while “mamang” (my grandmother), Araceli Amigo, raised the children and helped to write the business contracts. Life was hard, but the Amigos had each other and the shared dream of a better life through education, hard work, and perseverance.
My mom emigrated from the Philippines when she was 27 years old, and the rest of the Amigos slowly followed suit in search of a better life in America. Uncertain and unpromised, but an idea and goal worthy of pursuit, the Amigo's story is shared among countless others who dream and seek out the life they imagine. 

Amigo Environmental, LLC was founded on and dedicated to this idea. Through our own vision, actions, and service to others, we can pursue a life that inspires us.

With Gratitude,


Justin-Earl Amigo Smith
Principal, Amigo Environmental, LLC

The Amigo family in the Philippines circa 1960

The Amigos circa 1960

Bust of a Filipino woman in a red and white checker dress, smiling in a field of flowers.

Margaret Rose Amigo (my mom), circa 1975

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